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Heat Pumps

A heat pump is four times more efficient at heating water than your current geyser with its traditional electrical heating element, the most power-hungry appliance in your home. 
Installing a heat pump can save you 75% on your hot water heating cost.


How does a Heat Pump work?

A heat pump works like an air conditioning unit BUT in reverse. It takes heat from the air surrounding it, this heats the refrigerant, which is then compressed causing it to get hotter, the refrigerant then runs through an exchanger which is where the water is heated. The refrigerant runs into a chamber where it expanses thus cooling it down and enabling it to again absorb heat from the surrounding air, for the cycle to begin again. So only a little electricity is used to run a fan and compressor while the heat energy is provided indirectly by the sun.

Heat Pump Facts:


  • The original geyser tank remains, only the heating element is removed.
  • Power consumption of the heat pump is 0,8 kW over an average 10 hours per day use.
  • Power consumption of a traditional 150L geyser is 3kW, and of a 200L geyser is 4kW.
  • The heat pump is thermostatically controlled, just like the original element.

Supa Nova recommends their heat pump with a full EC bureau of standards stamp of approval. 


Benefits of the Heat Pump:


  1. Easy to install
  2. Pays for itself with the savings
  3. Most cost-effective way to heat water
  4. One Heat Pump can heat up to 600L
  5. Makes your home and business energy efficient
  6. Reduces your carbon footprint
  7. 5 year warranty subject to annual servicing


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