Is Greywater Safe?

Is Greywater safe? Research shows that for garden irrigation and toilet flushing it is safe!

Plumbing and Electrical for Your Home​

Try a day without electricity or a day without water? You will soon realise how dependent we are on these essential services.

Waterless Urinal System

It features an airtight seal to keep toilets completely odourless without wasting water in the urinal. Using the one-way valve water-free urinal system will ensure that your water usage and maintenance costs are reduced.

How does a septic tank work

A common way to treat sewerage in an undeveloped area is with a septic tank but how does it work?

Plumbing Sandton

Emergency Plumbing in Sandton

We got a call to do some emergency plumbing in Sandton, the client had a “little leak” inside. Turns out that it was more than just a “little leak”.


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