Signs You Could Have Electrical Faults

Regular electrical maintenance is the best way to keep your electrical system in good health. Faults do occur, so being aware of the signs that your office needs professional electrical maintenance, will help. Here, we have listed some key indicators.

NRCS issues a stern warning against the illegal trade practice of Geysers

National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) has been inundated with complaints on the sale and advertisement of second hand/refurbished geysers that do not comply

Electrical Certificate of Compliance

A list of frequently asked questions and answers about the electrical Certificate of Compliance.

Is Greywater Safe?

Is Greywater safe? Research shows that for garden irrigation and toilet flushing it is safe!

Plumbing and Electrical for Your Home​

Try a day without electricity or a day without water? You will soon realise how dependent we are on these essential services.


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