The Damage


Perhaps you one of many who have noticed water dripping from your ceiling or light fixture or heard water running but is no tap open.


Usually by the time you realise there is a problem the damage is already done! In many situations, the first signs occur when the water makes it into your home, office or factory.


A burst pipe is a frustrating experience and no matter if it is a small leak or a major burst the consequential damage that is caused can be costly.


The Reason for the Leak


A burst pipe is caused by various factors:

  • Incorrect Installation
  • Ageing infrastructure
  • Corrosion
  • Harsh weather
  • Inferior quality of materials
  • High water pressure


Is it Dangerous?

YES! Any water leaking through an electrical fixture can be dangerous! And extreme caution must be taken when going near the area. Also, if water has collected in the ceiling the risk of the ceiling collapsing is extremely high.


Call Supa Nova Electrical and Plumbing 011 485 1324 immediately we will come to the to make the area safe again. Our trained technicians will locate the leak, assess the problem and use the correct fittings to repair pipe.


The Repair

This may involve both a plumber and electrician. And one advantage of working with Supa Nova Electrical and Plumbing 011 485 1324 is that we have both disciplines covered.


In most cases the burst pipe will be repaired, however we inspect the piping the establish the root cause and make recommendations based on what we find. For example, If there are signs of bad corrosion in the area of repair, it would indicate that the condition of the entire waterpipe would be the same and we would recommend a replacement over a repair.


What Do I Do When it Happens?



Turn off the water mains. Located outside your house or on the pavement.

Then turn off the electricity, be sure to directly turn off the circuit breaker, not just the light switch or plug, in that area of your house. This will protect you from being electrocuted.

Switch off electricity to the geyser if you suspect the burst pipe is near the geyser.

In the case water is coming from the ceiling watch for the ceiling bowing from all the weight of the water. To prevent the ceiling collapsing use a sharp implement or screwdriver to make a hole in the ceiling board for the water to drain into a bucket or dustbin.

If you have successfully turned off the water and power, soak up the water with towels.

But, whatever you do, this is not the time to try and resolve the problem yourself. Contact professionals to help you address the problem.


Call Supa Nova Electrical and Plumbing 011 485 1324


Insurance Claim


We often get asked if insurance will pay for the repair and damages. As we are NOT insurers, we cannot not make a clear comment on this, but below is a link to an insurance broker who has an article about this very subject.


“This type of 'claim' is becoming more and more common and it is important to know what circumstances are or are not claimable. Here are a few guidelines and examples to help form a better understanding of this type of claim:”


Click here to read the article on insurance claims

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