Signs You Could Have Electrical Faults​

Regular electrical maintenance is the best way to keep your electrical system in good health. Faults do occur, so being aware of the signs that your office needs professional electrical maintenance, will help. Here, we have listed some key indicators.



A tripped circuit breaker is a common occurrence, but if it’s happening fairly frequently in your office, you’ll probably want to find out the underlying cause.

In most cases, circuit breakers trip due to either a circuit shorted to ground or a circuit overload. While you might decide to simply reset your circuit breaker each time it trips, this means you won’t be addressing the underlying cause. A licensed, experienced electrician can carefully review the relevant wiring and connections to identify the source of the issue and repair the problem so your office experiences minimal interruptions.



Flickering office lights might seem like a minor problem, but when it’s a regular occurrence, it becomes a major nuisance for your office staff and could be associated with headaches, vision issues, and reduced morale. It could also increase your electricity costs.

A licensed electrician can diagnose the cause of the issue. For example, is it an issue with the light bulb itself or something more serious like an overloaded circuit?

If your flickering lights involve more than one room or circuit, your office likely has a more serious issue. This could be a problem with your cable connections or some other power source. In this case, it’s even more critical to consult a licensed electrician for maintenance work right away.



Are your office’s electrical outlets warm to the touch? If so, you’re probably overdue for a maintenance visit from your electrician. Outlets that are warm or hot after you unplug a device, or even when you have nothing plugged in, are a sign that you might have an issue. Worn, broken, cracked, and chipped outlets should also be checked by your electrician and replaced if necessary.

Electrical outlets can warm up during the process of converting AC to DC power, which is the process of changing the voltage input (AC) to a usable, storable output (DC). Unplug the appliance and check back after one hour. The outlet should be at room temperature.

Similarly, in older properties, you might have an older breaker that was replaced, which could lead to higher levels of current than the circuit was designed for. In this case, a warm outlet could be a symptom of this mismatched wiring, and your electrician can rectify this for you.



Sparks when you plug and unplug your appliances are another potential sign you should have an experienced electrician in to check on your office outlets. Sometimes this is a normal occurrence – a brief spark due to a rapid draw on the available power – with no serious underlying issues.

However, at other times the sparks can be a sign of a dangerous problem. The sparks, for example, could be due to excessive heat building up in your outlets. This could lead to other issues like melting insulation covering your wires, which in turn could set off an electrical fire.



Older buildings may require regular and more frequent maintenance, checks, and assessments. If your office is located in an older building, your electrical wiring could be decades old. The insulation around the wiring, too, could be far older and therefore at a higher risk of being worn out.

As such, it’s a good idea to have more frequent, regularly scheduled maintenance checks by a trusted, experienced electrician. Your electrician can examine your older wiring and insulation, replace it as needed, and take measures like installing a safety switch for extra security.



A thorough electrical maintenance plan can empower your business to reduce risks, enhance safety, and lower costs. By working with an experienced, licensed electrician, you could eliminate business interruption, and in the process provide your employees with a safe, efficient work environment.

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