Waterless Urinal System

What is a waterless urinal system?  It features an airtight seal to keep toilets completely odourless without wasting water in the urinal. Using the one-way valve water-free urinal system will ensure that your water usage and maintenance costs are reduced.


Why convert your urinals to a waterless system? The average consumption of water in urinals per flush is around 3 litres. This system will save you 1000s of litres of water every year while keeping your washroom more hygienic and fresh.


This product is designed and manufactured in South Africa, support local business. You will also be saving a precious South African resource, Water!


Here are a few other reasons to change


Low-cost unit with simple maintenance

Clean regularly with soft soapy water and replace valves every six months. That’s it!


No expensive plumbing required

No water supply pipes, flush control systems, cistern or downpipes to install or maintain.


Easy to clean

No dome, so it is easily accessible for cleaning. Only mild soapy water required to wash and rinse. No harsh or expensive chemicals required!


Eliminates bad smells

Because urine drains into the patented airtight seal before flowing down the waste pipe, the strong odours get trapped behind the seal unable to escape back into the restroom.



Speak to us about converting your urinals, save water and maintenance costs.


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